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Website design is the first and best platform for displaying services and products. If you are looking for the best website design company in Karaj, you can use the Karaj website design services. In order to have a proper website, design standards must be followed. An important factor in website design is an attractive UI design for visual communication with the audience, which is important, and another important point is the security of the site, which Digital Marketing Group will ensure the security of your site in a complete and comprehensive manner.

Karaj website design

Website design is actually a combination of knowledge and art combined with engineering skills. A suitable website is a representative of your brand that is available to customers 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is of great importance and should provide suitable facilities for users. Sarv Web Design Group, with the assistance of experienced designers and experts, can provide you with top-notch services to boost your business and establish a suitable brand identity. If you’re looking for web design in Karaj, our company is ready to create excellent websites with our skilled and creative designers. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information

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Sarv service Web design Advantages

Sarv Digital Marketing Agency, with several years of experience in website design, development, and social media management, is ready to handle all your projects (corporate websites, e-commerce websites). We can provide top-notch services in the field of marketing, branding, and public relations Some of the services that Sarv designers provide for their clients include:


Responsive design

A responsive website is designed to display well on various devices, including computers, tablets, and phones

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high security

The Sarv site design team considers the highest level of security for its projects. (Project security is our first priority)


Online chat capability

By using the online chat feature, you can stay in touch with your customers and provide constant support.


SEO-oriented design

Technical SEO is the first step in embarking on SEO activities, and it is carried out in a specialized manner on projects.

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High speed site

Thanks to clean and professional code, website loading speed can reach its maximum potential, which is a significant advantage.


The possibility of personalization

It is possible to personalize all parts of the site based on the customer's needs and it is done if needed.


Creative graphics

Sarv’s graphic designers consist of experienced individuals who create necessary designs based on the client’s taste.


Exclusive design

Web design in Karaj is carried out entirely on a customized basis, without using any pre-made templates in projects

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The impact of the website on business

The number of people joining internet users is increasing day by day This factor has caused many people to take their business to the Internet. Having an online business indeed requires branding, and achieving a favorable ranking in search engine results is also possible through activities known as optimization or SEO Regardless, you should know that earning income from the internet happens over time Certainly, the returns from online businesses can be much higher than those from traditional businesses. Having a well-designed website ensures that your brand remains memorable in users’ minds. Therefore, it’s crucial to emphasize graphics and other aspects of your website. You can contact our designers to design a Karaj store website.

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Customers of the Sarv site

The most common questions from our customers

Response: In website design, compliance with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) standards is very important. Beautiful and user-friendly design, up-to-date and useful information, appropriate page loading speed, and high-quality content creation are among the factors that attract and retain users.

To improve site SEO, you should pay attention to elements such as using appropriate keywords in content, link structure, page loading speed, optimizing images, and creating valuable content. It is also important to ensure that the site is compatible with different devices (responsive design).

Response: Site security is very important. Using an SSL certificate for data encryption, keeping your operating system, software, and plugins up to date, avoiding weak passwords, monitoring login capabilities, and regularly backing up data are among the measures that can protect against cyber attacks.

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Which site is right for your business?

Corporate website

This type of site is suitable for all types of companies and businesses, including lawyers, accounting companies, manufacturing companies, etc.

Store website

E-commerce websites, also known as online stores, serve as convenient hubs for selling products and services.

personal website

This type of website is specially designed for a person. It is suitable if you own the media and have your own audience.

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Educational website

Online educators can have an educational website where they can handle course purchases and delivery

How much does it cost to design a website?

Reviews of Sarv customers

I designed the server set of our site in the fastest time and delivered the site ahead of schedule, in addition to this, the required corrections were done in the fastest time.

Founder of the House of Auditors

In addition to website design, we also follow SEO with the Seru collection, and during this period of activity, we were completely satisfied, and the collection has worked in our favor.

Director of Acharsi collection

We have done various projects with the Saroo collection, which was in English by Satiadesign and is fully compatible with international standards.

Manager of satiadesign collection

In the web design industry, optimization is vital to attract attention and improve user experience. One of the effective tools in this field is the WordPress content management system, which is highly justified due to its many advantages. In situations where there is a need to order a dedicated website, coding is also used to create the main structure of the site.

The cost of designing a website depends on the variety of tastes and needs of the employer, and in cooperation with the professional design and programming team, all the expectations of the employer are implemented carefully and in harmony with the needs of the users.

While designing a dedicated website, it is important to respond to the challenges and needs that arise. Adding and editing content, changes in prices, header and footer color settings, and even changing phone numbers all require the precision and skill of a technical designer. Considering these points, it is possible to increase the costs and tariffs of website design. It should be noted that after the final approval, the possibility of changes and modifications will be accompanied by an additional fee. To get the website design price, you can contact the contact numbers of the collection.

Responsive web design, also known as RWD, is a web design approach that automatically adjusts based on the screen size of the device being used (such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone). The purpose of responsive web design is to create an optimal user experience for each device and avoid the need for scrolling or zooming on the page

In other words, a responsive website adapts by increasing or decreasing the size and changing the layout of elements, ensuring better compatibility with users who access the web from different devices. This type of design provides optimization for various content and user experiences, allowing websites to be displayed with better and suitable views on any device at any time.

Web design is a multi-stage process where each step, when executed with precision and expertise, contributes to creating an effective and appealing website The stages of website design generally include the following:

  1. Checking the needs: At this stage, the business needs and the purpose of the website are considered. This includes determining the business objective, target audience, and user needs.
  2. Website design (UI/UX): In this step, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of the website is done. This process includes designing pages, choosing colors, creating logos and images.
  3. Development: At this stage, based on the design, coding and implementation of the website components is done. This includes programming, database creation, and integration of required technologies.
  4. Test and review: After development, the website should be tested. This includes functional testing, safety testing, and usability evaluation.
  5. Setting up: After ensuring that the website is working properly, the setup phase begins. This includes moving the website to the live environment (server) and preparing it for the public audience.
  6. Maintenance and update: Once launched, the website requires constant maintenance and updates. This includes bug fixes, new content additions, security updates, and performance optimizations.

The features of a good website can have a significant impact on user experience and business success. Below are the important features of a good website:

  1. Good design: The website should have an attractive and user-friendly interface. Page layout, icons, colors and fonts should create a good graphical experience.
  2. Responsiveness: The website should automatically adapt to different device sizes (computer, tablet, mobile phone) to provide a consistent experience for users.
  3. Decent loading speed: The loading time of website pages should be minimal. Proper loading speed helps improve user experience and has a positive impact on SEO.
  4. Security: The website must be protected in terms of security. Using an SSL certificate, updating software, and following security standards are essential.
  5. Compatibility with browsers: The website must be displayed correctly in all browsers so that users with any type of browser can use it.

Sarv, with years of experience in website design, offers a wide range of services in this field. You can order all kinds of store, corporate, educational, directory, personal, etc. websites in this collection. Also, to receive services, you can contact the contact numbers of the collection 24 hours a day.

DedicatedWordPresscoding features
Faster designand implementation time due to ready-made tools and templates.More time due to the need for manual coding
Simplicity of useVery simple for those not familiar with coding Requirestechnical expertise to control features precisely
Plugin featuresthe ability to add features using pluginscomplete control and the ability to add desired features
Update and maintenanceEasy update and maintenanceNo need for careful maintenance and manual updating
Full controlminimal control over website structure and templatefull control over all details and features
Custom designLess limited in creating custom design due to ready-made templatesPossibility of completely custom design and execution
The complexity of the projectsuitable for small and medium-sized projects,suitable for complex and customized projects
The user experience (UX)may be affected depending on the selected plugins and templates.Full control over the user experience and the possibility of further customization.
Loading speedmay be affected dependingon the size and plugins
The amount of technical expertise requiredis less technical expertise required to start than technicalexpertise required for full control

Overall, if you have a small or medium-sized site with standard needs and limited time and resources, WordPress is a good choice. But if your needs are more complex or unique, or if full control over your site's structure and functionality is important to you, custom coding may be more appropriate.

Estimating website design costs is done according to the type of site and the facilities you need on the site. But in general, WordPress websites have an average cost of 5 to 20 million tomans, which may vary according to your needs. You can contact us for more information and exact cost.